Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Introduction :

Sky Tech - FXX is a complete compact Ytterbium Fiber Laser Marking System with class 1 enclosure, to achieve High Speed, Crispy, Clear and consistent marking on nearly all Metals and Non Metals, for flat or rotary surface. The System is integrated with pulsed Fiber Laser Source using Master Oscillator Power Amplifire (MOPA) technology which is most advanced and reliable laser source. Fiber laser has the highest wall plug efficiency, and virtually no maintenance.

Advantage of fiber laser marking

  • Highest wall plug efficiency compared to other laser technology available.
  • Power up to 40 Watts in CW and plused.
  • High beam Quality.
  • High repetition rate.
  • Very stable and consistent repeatability.
  • Maintenance free operation with 1 year of unlimited usage warranty.
  • Very small footprint.
  • No water cooling.


  • Sky Tech F series users Yb Fiber Laser Technology integrated with a Precision Beam Deflecting Unit for marking or micro machining on nearly all metals and non metals.
  • The system is compect, efficient and reliable provides the customer lowest cost of ownership.
  • The excellent beam quality and stability, integrated with precision beam deflecting unit, enable Sky Tech F-series to provide, high resolution, fast and clear marking on variety of material, than other laser marking systems available in market.
  • The system include auto focus Z axis system, rotary axis (optional), A PC and sophisticated easy to use laser marking / micro machining software allow to produce marks of various types of shapes, design, bar codes, micro machining to produce die, cutting thin sheets of S.S., Aluminum , copper gold etc.
  • Sky Tech F is available in user selectable range and work field area from 25 mm x 25 mm to 300 mm x 300 mm.
  • Sky Tech F consumes less than 600 w of power to provide end user low operating cost than other system available in the market.
  • Sky Tech F comes with a warranty of 2 years.Thanks to the MOPA fiber laser having no moving parts and involving telecommunication grade laser diodes as pump source, and are highly reliable component.
  • Sky Tech F Laser provides frequencies from 1 to 400 KHz enabling to mark more faster and clear. The enclosure is made of anodized aluminum structure for long life and light weight.

Technical Specification

Model ST F - 20/30/50/60/100 Watts
Power 20W to 100W
Wavelength 1063 ±3 nm
Beam quality <1.2 (M)
Output power adjust ment range 10 - 100 %
Pulse repetition rate 20 - 400KHz
Power stability <±1%
Focus spot diameter <0.05mm
Working area 70 X 70/100 X100/150 X 150/200 X 200/300 X 300mm2
Max marking depth 1.2mm
Max marking speed 1500 standard characters / second
Minimum line width 0.05mm
Minimum character 0.5mm
Repetition accuracy ±0.003mm
Cooling mode Air cooling
Ambient temperature 15°C - 35° C
Power requirement 220V/single phase/50Hz/<600W
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