Jewellery Laser Welding Machine

Introduction :

The Surface of the metal will be changed by the laser, it has been heated and conducted to the deeper of metal rapidlys, and the surface will be melted when the consistency of laser power is enough, some parts is momentary vapored for the high consistency, and it is come into being the weld crater.

The laser welding compares with others welding craft can realize the very many material welding, compares has the superiority, welds the component thermal deformation to be samll, the attachment quality is high. The laser welding superiority in with can realize partially the very small scope haeting characteristic, widely uses with he precision component like jewelry, the battery, the automobile industry, aviation industry some other applications and so on.

The LS-W200 Laser welding apparatus are the pulse welding way, in the welding the pluse energy and the pulse width can adjust, pulse energy influence melting quantity, width influence melting depth. Meanwhile adjusts the weld point through the outside path of rays adjustable expender to adjust the focusing faculae the size.

The LS-W200 Laser welding system is a new improved product. It can be used to process the spot welding and seam welding for many small scale metal components, such as Titanium, Nickel, Aluminum, Stainless, steel, Gold, Argentine, Copper, Platinum and so on. It can process the sopt welding on the contactor of the relay, the steel strip of the computer floppy disk driver, the pins of the printer, and also process the seam welding of the metal tube and belt, the core of the servo motor, process the sealing welding of the cover of the relay, the IC package the pressure device, the cover of the heart pacemaker, the cover of the Tantalum capacitance and Lithium battery, etc..It also can be used to cut and drill the small scale metal components.

This sytem is especially suitable in the jewelry industry. There is no special block needed during the processing. The Pieces to be processed can be by hold by hand, and to be welded under the microscope conveniently.

Application & Materials:

The Fiber Laser welder can work on all metals such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper ,gold etc. Also it's widely used in filed like glasses jewelry, dental which need high precision.

Technical Data

Model LS--W200
Max Output 200W
Single Pulse Energy 100J
Wavelength 1604nm
Laser Type Nd: YAG
Welding Depth S3mm
Pulse Frequency 0-40HZ
Laser Spot Size 0.2-3mm
Checking System: Microscope/CCD system
Protective Gas Argon
Output Focal Length 80mmm---200mm
Holistic Power 4-6 KW
Power Supply 220V/50HZ/15A
flow valve Flow range: 10-50l/min
level control Liquid level control instrument
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